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The Amy Howard At Home High Performance Furniture Lacquer is without question, the most enviable revamp product on the market today!

Ever wish for the thick, rich, hard-high-gloss finish of actual lacquer on a piece of furniture, frame or home décor? Well now all you have to do is spray it on- and a pale, washy, faded piece can transform itself to an edgy, chic high-fashion statement piece set in lacquer. This spray-on wonder is an exclusive product to Amy Howard and is not available anywhere else; it can change the life of any furniture piece like no other product can.

You’ll need:

  • Amy Howard At Home Lacquer Primer
  • Amy Howard At Home High Peformance Furniture Lacquer Paint
  • Fine Sandpaper (Grit #400)
  • Dust Mask
  • Ventilated Area

Mirror Antiquing Instructions:

  1. Make sure your piece is clean and clear of any dust or dirt. Just simply wipe it down.
  2. Although it is not required, it is recommended that you lightly sand your piece. This will ensure that your finished piece has that sleek, modern lacquered finish.
  3. Using your Amy Howard At Home Lacquer Primer, hold your spray can 8-10 inches away from your piece and spray.
  4. You want to make sure the Primer has 2 solid coats. You should have 2 opaque primer coats. This primer will fill in any ridges of your piece. The primer will also act as a "sealing agent" to ensure that color from the original piece will not bleed through, like mohogany.
  5. Before you apply the color lacquer, lightly sand the primer layers to soften any edges or smooth out any rough spots. You do not have to sand it profusely, simplely sand it lightly.
  6. Once your primer coats are completely dry, you may now begin your chosen color coats. Remember, when you begin to spray your color, use your spray directions as if you were using a brush. Pretend you are gliding your paint across at 8-10 inches from the surface.
  7. It is recommended that you have 3-4 thin coats compared to a think 2 coats. A lacquer finish is supposed to look sleek and solid, so you want to build up the finish. Take your time applying the coats. It will give a much prettier finish in the long run.
  8. Do not forget to lightly sand between each  layer of lacquer.



Enjoy the Bragging Rights!



Made by Amy Howard At Home * Memphis, TN 38118 * 901.547.1448

Visit www.amyhowardathome.com for project ideas.

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